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Obstacles in a Diet

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            Have you ever tried to go on a diet? Research says that more than about 80 people out of 100 give up in the middle of dieting. There are many reasons in which makes a person want to go on a diet. Some diet because they want a healthier body, and some diet because they want to have bodies like models. Going on a diet is not as easy as it sounds. There are factors that will always interfere with ones diet plan. Some of them can be the difficulty to lose weight, the patience in need to exercise and the seduction of food.

            Most people who go on a diet will usually give up within a month or two. One of the biggest reasons is because their weight doesn’t reduce as quickly; which makes them disappointed leading to them giving up. People who go on a diet don’t realize that weight is not that easily lost like it is when it is gained. When a person starts going on a diet, the first one to two months they won’t lose as much weight; there, most people will give up not knowing that if they hang on just a little more there will be a time in which weight will be lost.

            Second of all, people who go on a diet usually are because they are obese. Most people who are obese are found to be less active. This means they get lazy when it comes to moving around or doing sports. When going on a diet, not only should a person control what they eat but they should also start working out so that they can burn out their calories. Also, obese people are usually cunning; they try to use their brains to find out how they can move less to get something they want unlike fit people who just moves to get what they need. So, when obese people start exercising they are more likely to be finding excuses to miss out exercises rather than actually giving effort to lose weight.

            Lastly, the main reason people quit in the middle of going on a diet is because of the temptation of food. To people who go on a diet, the hardest thing to do is endure what they want to eat. Everywhere people go there are always advertisements that seduce people into eating; and most advertisements are about fast food so when a person is in the middle of a diet and if they can’t endure the temptation of food, in the end they will fail. Also there are other cases such as people who have the yoyo effect which happens because they have satisfaction on how much they lost weight and start eating again leading them to be fat again.

            Patience is the biggest key when going on a diet because a real diet can take a lifetime because weight is what reduces steadily and not rapidly like what everyone thinks. Diet may sound easy but actually is hard. When one goes on a diet, if they overcome the main 3 obstacles listed on top, they will be able to accomplish their plan.


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