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Outline for Long Essay

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Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and is impact on you

 Introduction: It was on grade 10 where my grade had to make a dance night for the school. It was tiring but in the end I had learn how much responsibility it takes to create an event. Also I learnt how awarding it feels when everyone enjoyed what we created and gave effort for a month.


 Paragraph 1

Supporting Point #1 It was tiring because we had quite a lot of conflicts.

 Evidence for Supporting Point #1: analysis of example to show how it supports the topic sentence and thesis. Because we had too many people in our class we weren’t that organized on who is doing what. Friends started to have arguments some was staying until the sunset and some didn’t even work on helping out. So we started to form our own groups of friends but this led us to disorder and chaos.

Paragraph 2 Supporting Point #2: There were good points too After the conflict between friends, we started to think that we weren’t like a whole class. So we got our teacher to decide on who do what. Through this our relationships between friends became even closer.

Paragraph 3 Supporting Point #3 At the end it was tiring but awarding too. Seeing everyone enjoy the event was awarding because we put a month effort on the event. Even though we had to stay back an hour to clean up after the event ended it was awarding.

Conclusion: Making dance night wasn’t a tough job We went through many hardships and tough choices which made our class more close relationship wise and more understanding towards one another. Next time when another event is created, I now know that me and my class will do a better job in the future.


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