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          A significant experience that gave impact on me was the dance night that my class had to do for fundraising. It taught me how hard it is just to create an event I learnt how hard it was especially when it came to the class working as one.

           Through organizing a dance night, I realized that organizing for an event takes a lot of responsibility, time and effort. I thought it would be fun to do it but it wasn’t like what it seemed. It was a tough and tiring to set an event like this but in the end it was a good opportunity because I learnt how to work more together as a class.

           When I heard that my class was going to organize a dance night in the school gym as a part of a fundraising, I was both excited and worried at the same time no knowing how much we had to put effort into it and it was nothing like I thought. We had many conflicts between us too. Some of us were staying afterschool even way after the sun had set, where as others went straight home coming up with all kinds of excuses to not participate and help. This caused us to argue with one another resulting in disorganization and overworking of some students but in the end we all participated and helped because we realized that nothing would progress. Through this our class gradually came together again.

           One of the tasks I got was to be the class secretary. I had to keep in track of where all the money went. It was confusing because not all of the money came to me and the person who took the money said that it was in the bank. This made no sense to me since I was the one who had to be in charge of the money. In the end probably because of this we had a situation where some of the money we earned was gone.

           Even though there were many negative conflicts at the end it was an awarding thing to do. Unlike what we thought many people actually bought tickets and filled up the gym. The class earned more than 30000 baht. Also when the dance night ended we saw a lot of positive comments of how much fun they had which made us proud.

           This experience gave me such an impact because it was a new experience I learnt. I learned how responsible I should be with money and also how much responsibility and effort it takes to create an event like this. If next time I am asked to be the class secretary I know I can do better and also, I know the class would do a better job making such an event if given another opportunity. To me it was a good opportunity because I learnt how to manage money and also work together as a class to complete a given task.


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