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Edited Descriptive Long Essay

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           Being playful, fun, loud and nerdy at times that’s my class. It’s like a one big family. My class is usually separated into different groups but when at the hardest times are there for each other. The greatest thing about my class is that each year our relationship between the classmates becomes closer. It’s probably because we have a big fundraising event each year that always needs huge participation in the whole grade. The first one was on the renaissance fair in grade 9 where we had to build a haunted castle in the art room which was a big success. The next was last year in grade 10 which was the dance night held in the gym. Both events our class made were a success but behind it there were conflicts between us too.

           The dance night in our school is like a tradition. Every year the class that turns grade 10 has to organize a dance night. Knowing that last year’s dance night didn’t turn out as well it was burdensome. I knew that my class was great when it came to teamwork because we can work as hard as ants do but it was such a big event it made me have butterflies in my stomach just to think about it.

Not everything went on smoothly. The money that I had supposed to be in charge of was with another person and he just didn’t give it to me until the last moment. It made me annoyed because I couldn’t keep track on how much money was coming in and how much was being used. Also situations such as some groups over working had occurred; and because I was part of that group I knew exactly how it felt going home late at night with piles of homework not done. We were all in the same situation but some people just had so many excuses to not stay and help. I was tired of this because it kept on happening every year and it was the same people.

Eventually things all turned out well. On the day of dance night, I was so nervous that I could hear my heart beat out loud. At the time when the gym opened I was kind of disappointed to see that not many people had come. But one by one people had started to come in creating a big crowd. I can still hear the people who were screaming and shouting having so much fun. As the night deepened the louder the gym got and the music was at its climax. When the night finally ended many people were disappointed. But for our class we were so happy and proud that it had ended safely and that everyone had fun.

Even though the next day the class had to come back to clean up, it was such a good experience and an opportunity I got because through this I learnt how to be responsible but also at the same time had fun through all this.


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