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Why Extracurricular activities are important (modified)

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Extracurricular activities are something  done outside the school curriculum. It is important because through new experience it gives an ability to socialize well, it helps to grow more as a person, strengthens the ability to create friends leading to be social and finally makes the transcript look good. But most importantly, extracurricular activities are done because it interests a person and because they like it.

One of the reasons why extracurricular activities are important is because it helps you grow more as a person. This is because through new experiences challenges are faced which helps in further life. Eextracurricular activities are important because it teaches a person how to be responsible, teaches time management and teamwork. Through learning to be responsible with time management the university that looks at one’s transcript will know that they are able to do their work with organization.

Second of all, it gives the ability for a person to be good a socializing. This is because extracurricular activites are something done outside of school and is what the person is interested in so through this they can meet new people and learn how to socialize better. In an internet article, it says “A club or group is a great way to find friends. In clubs centered around an activity, children can meet others who share your interests.” This means through meeting new people who have the same interest can make the wall between one another break which will be easier to make and become friends.

Lastly, extracurricular activities are important because it makes the transcript look good. It makes the transcript look good because it shows that not only that person is good at studying but also have many experiences. Studies are shown that people who have done extracurricular activities are more likely to be chosen to universities than those who didn’t. This is because people who actually have experienced new things are more likely to be socially and academically successful.

Extracurricular activities are something done out of interest and it is important because through new experiences a person can grow more mentally, learn to socialize and finally makes the transcript look good to colleges.


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