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Monomyth of “Despicable Me”

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The 17th stages of monomyth of “Despicable Me”


 The call to adventure – One day Agnes, Edith and Margo are dropped in front of Gru’s house.

 Refusal of the call – Gru who didn’t expect them refuses to be their guardian. Supernatural aid The minion shows how to care for the 3 girls and later on Gru learns from it.

 The crossing of the first threshold – When Gru gets Agnes her first unicorn doll, he steps in to being more a dad then planning to catch the moon.

Belly of the whale – When he misses the warmness of the kids and he decides to give up on his old plan which is catching the moon.


 The road of trials – Gru goes to different classes that the 3 girls take. For example, taking them to ballet class. The meeting with Goddess Gru meeting with Agnes since she is the one who Gru had opened his heart up to.

 Temptation – His temptation was his dream to catch the moon but in reality, he had to take care of the 3 girls.

Atonement with the Father – When Gru tells the scientist he wants to stop his plan to catch the moon and take care of the girls.

 Apotheosis – When the orphans are taken back and Gru realizes how being with someone or happiness actually felt.

The Ultimate Boon – When Gru actually reaches his final goal to catch the moon but at the same time misses his girls.


 Refusal of the Return – Even though he had the moon he doesn’t care anymore he wants the 3 girls back and fights for them.

The magic Flight – When Gru actually has the moon minimized by its size, he is kind of kind of unsure also the moon, also and the girls are captured by Vector.

 Rescue from Without – The girls rescue Gru from going back to his old life. They are the ones who gave him warmth and changed him into a better person.

The crossing of the return threshold – Gru has now changed because of the girls and he becomes like their real dad. He also takes care of them wherever they go or what they do.

 Master of 2 worlds – Gru initially was scared of looking after the kids but after the incident when the kids had to go back to their orphanage Gru now knows that having the kids with him is happier and more lively.

 Freedom to live – Even though he had his dream of catching the moon he know realizes that having the 3 girls is much more worthwhile than his initial dream to catch the moon.


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