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The Best Actor in the play “Insomnia”

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            There are many different actors in the play “insomnia”. They all are great actors that have their own characteristics, but the best actor out of them is the girl who acted Natalie. Firstly it is because of the expression on the actors face that portrayed Natalie’s feelings. Secondly it is because she spoke fluently without making any mistakes. Lastly it is because of the props she used going with the flow of the mood and the genre of the play.
            The girl who acted Natalie is the best actor because of the expression on her face that actually portrayed Natalie’s feelings. Tina from grade 11 said that “The expressions she made was gloomy and creepy at the same time which had shown the emotions of Natalie”
            Secondly, it is because of how the actor spoke her lines fluently. This is because there was another actor who couldn’t speak her lines properly making the audience pay less attention whereas the actor for Natalie spoke the lines fluently with emotions which made the audience gain more attention on her and not be distracted by other things.
            Lastly, it is because the props the actor used which suited the flow of the play. Researchers say that with music or props in the play the audience can understand the play more and can concentrate more into the play.
            To sum up, the actor who acted Natalie was the best actor because of her way she showed her emotions, the way she fluently spoke her lines and the use of props the actor used.


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