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Monomyth of “Enders Game”

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The call to adventure – The monitor at the back of Ender’s neck shows that he has already received a call out from his normal life.

Refusal of the call – Is when Ender not agreeing to go at first because he knows that he won’t be able to see his beloved sister Valentine for a long period of time.

Super Natural Aid – Ender’s intelligence itself;

The crossing of the first threshold – It is when Ender kills Stilson which foreshadows Ender has made a step forward to something new

Belly of the whale – When Ender joins battle school and becomes a launchie which shows Ender’s first step towards the unknown and won’t be able to come back.


The road of trials – Is when Ender goes through series of trainings in order to become a better fighter.

The Meeting With the Goddess – It’s when Ender first meets Petra. She is the one Ender ends up trusting the most and she is the one who taught Ender some techniques for the battle.

Temptation – When Ender comes back to earth and realizes how isolated he was from the world and he feels lonely not wanting to go back to battle school.

Atonement with the Father – When Ender kills the giant he had already succeeded colonel Graff. Also when Ender beat the battle games through tricks and a little bit of cheating he had already surpassed colonel Graff.

Apotheosis – In the fantasy game when Ender finally kisses the snake instead of killing it, the reflection of Valentine in the mirror had shown that Ender finally had overcome the Peter-side of himself.

The Ultimate Boon – Is when Ender leads the Buggers to death and destroys battle school.


Refusal of the Return – When Ender tries to leave earth with Valentine to go to the city where the buggers used to live (took them 2 years whereas in the real world it took more than 50years)

The Magic Flight – After Ender had beaten the buggers there was another war on earth between the American and Russians and both the countries wanted Ender to be on their sides because Ender had become a hero.

Rescue from Without – Graff rescues Ender from the Russians who come to Eros to try and get Ender.

The crossing of the return threshold – After Ender comes to the bugger’s planet he realize that the fantasy game he has destroyed/ended was shown which showed that the buggers were trying to communicate with Ender.

Master of 2 worlds – After Ender writes the book speaker for the dead he can now understand both the bugger’s mind and human mind.

Freedom to live – Ender can live in the bugger planet without anyone commanding him to do anything. Also he sets out to help search a better place for the hive-queen to live in.


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