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Describing a Friend (edited version)

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The first impression of when she is seen with her friends is probably wow. She has a loud voice. Inside the school it isn’t hard to find her because of her loud voice. When she laughs the sound of her laughter draws everyone’s attention to her. There are constantly people around her and she isn’t hated by anyone in the class. She is the type where people likes to have fun with because of her social able personality. She is really easy going and likes hitting people in a fun way. She can be mean to people she hates but really close to people she likes. When she meets new people, she easily becomes friends with them within seconds. She might be silly at times but serious when studying. Her English may be not good so at most times when jokes are made she has a hard time on understanding jokes. She is one of the oldest people in my grade but always likes to deny the fact that she’s old. Even though she might be a little older than everyone else; When she is around us it feels like age doesn’t matter. She can be hardworking at times but also really lazy at times. She is a girl who always have short hair that comes till her shoulders and a fringe that just covers her eyebrows. The color of her hair is unevenly mixed with black and brown because she dyes it at home. On each of her wrists there are 2 colorful silly bands. If anyone gets hungry during break, the first person they’ll go to is her. In her bag, she always had a variety of things to eat. She is also the type of person who easily lets other people borrow her things and usually ending up saying she can’t find them or lost them.


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