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Why do Cyber Bullying Happen?

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           There are many reasons to why people start cyber bullying. Firstly, it is to get revenge on other people. Secondly, it is to gain power over others. Lastly it is to entertain themselves.

           Cyber bullying can happen firstly, because of revenge. They use this tactic because in the real world they are actually the ones that get bullied and seek revenge to the bullies. For example, Bob from grade 9 who is a nerd gets bullied a lot at school. So how he revenges the bullies is through cyber bullying.

           Secondly, cyber bullying can happen to make a person feel powerful. This happens to people who are usually weaker or smaller than usual. When they are on the internet they have nothing to fear of since it is indirectly bullying. Statistics show that people who cyber bully other people are mostly weak or bullied inside of school.

           Lastly, cyber bullying happens to entertain the one who is cyber bullying other people. Since cyber bullying can be done without actually knowing the name of someone, so they make the person who cyber bullies say things they wouldn’t normally say in the real world. For example, Tina in grade 11 acts differently from when she is at school and on the internet. She would be swearing and giving a different attitude from when she is at school.

           To conclude, cyber bullying happens because of the weakness people have in the world. The reasons to why cyber bullying happens can include revenging other people. Secondly it can be done to gain power over others. Lastly it can be done to entertain one’s self.


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