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Outline of Hinduism Research paper

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Intro 1-

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions. It came before Christianity or Buddhism. From the past till present, Hinduism has been gradually changed a little by little. One of the most influential sources of Hindu tradition can be the invasion of the Aryan Culture.

Intro 2-

Hinduism has adopted a lot of cultures and traditions from when it was first originated. Firstly, Hinduism has initially adopted the Mahen-jo-daro and Harappa’s urban civilization. Secondly, it adopted traditions from the Indus Valley Civilization” Lastly, it has adopted the Aryan Culture.

Idea 1

One of the first cultures that Hinduism adopted from was the Mahen-jo-daro and Harappa Civilization (or also called as the Darvidians.)

Fact 1-

The Mahen-jo-daro and Harappa Civilization who are also called the Darvidians were one of the first civilization that influence Hinduism. The Darvidians were said to be “dark, as opposed to the fair skinned blue eyed Aryans.”

Fact 2-

Some of the influences that Hinduism got from the Mahen-jo-daro and Harrapa Civilization include…

Fact 3-

Even though it made some influences on Hinduism the Mahen-jo-daro and Harrapa Civilization was quickly reduced and destroyed because of the Aryan Invasion. Also, it declined because of the three major floods that happened. The first time there was a flood,  the main cities were safe because of they were on the higher plains whereas the smaller cities were washed of by the floods. The second time there was a flood, the flow of the River changed its course. This that happened repeatdly led to the people who were living there to flee from their places and out. Also, not only did floods happen but deforestation kept on happening leading to  the rivers dryng up and desertifying the environment.

Concluding idea 1-

To sum up…

Idea 2-

Secondly, Hinduism adopted traditions from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Fact 1-

The Indus Valley Civilization has started from the….

Fact 2-

This traditions that Hinduism adopted from the traditions include the ritual bathing, animal sacrifice and influences of the great female Goddess figures. “Based on archaeological remains, however, it seems that this was a religious world that was particularly focused on ritual bathing and animal sacrifice, elements that may be the source of later Hinduism’s attention to the purifying qualities of water and the centrality of sacrifice”

Fact 3-

The Indus Valley Civilization didn’t make a big impact on the Hindu tradition because of the Aryan Invasion. ….

Concluding idea 2-

To sum up…

Idea 3-

Lastly, One of the cultures that Hinduism adopted was from the Aryan Culture. The Aryan culture affected the most on Hinduism because of the Aryan Invasion.

Fact 1-

The Aryan Invasion started around 1500~100BC. The Aryan people were said to be “Light skinned Indo-European tribes from Central Asia who overthrew an earlier and more advanced dark-skinned Dravidian civilization from which they took most of what later became Hindu culture”

Fact 2-

The Aryan Invasion affected India, and Hinduism in different ways. Some of them include literature

Fact 3-

This culture made the biggest impact on Hinduism because…

Concluding idea 3-

To sum up…

Concluding whole essay –


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