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How to Prevent from Bullying to Happen

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Bullying can happen at work, in school and even in families. It can also happen in many forms such as, violence, harassing, cyber bullying and more. Even though there are many forms in bullying they can all be prevented with the same ways. The ways include: firstly, by not taking it personally, secondly by taking it seriously and lastly by staying away from the bullies and try to avoid the bullies if possible.

When bullying happens, firstly it can be prevented by not taking what the bullies have done personally. What motivates a bully is usually what they feel uneasy and insecure about. So they bully others to feel better about themselves. For example, Warren used to get bullied when he was in grade 5. When his mom found out and sought for solutions she told her son that the bullying had nothing to do with Warren. A few days later Warren went to his mom and told him that he had talked to the bully and asked him what was happening with his personal life and cleared his situation. (Tomi Bryan, 2011)

Secondly, bullying can be prevented by taking what the bully has done to the victim seriously. Schools should take bullying seriously and demonstrate students that bullying and ther forms of harassment and intimidation will not be tolerated (National Center, 2010). By taking seriously the bully can understand the consequences that follow after the actions that they made.

Lastly, bullying can be prevented by avoiding the bullies and not going to places that bullying usually takes place. Although avoiding the bullies is what can be done, it is not recommended because if you need to hide and run away from the bully, it is just having the less opportunity to get bullied but not actually preventing from it to happen again.

To sum up, bullying can happen in different places and in various ways; But how the person or the victim should take action to prevent from bullying to happen should be mostly the same. They can include not taking the bully personally, but also taking what the bully has done seriously and showing consequences and lastly by avoiding the bullies.

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  1. Dear Cindy, thanks for including a reference to our work! We greatly appreciate your efforts to help others understand bullying and how to manage it! Best, Tomi Bryan

  2. No problem! Glad i could help!, Cindy


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