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Relating the Myth of Sisyphus to Christianity

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Adam and Eve were created by God. When the whole world was created, God had told them not to eat the devils fruit; But instead of obeying what God had said, they had eaten it. Then they were executed and not in God’s protection anymore. Instead they had gained knowledge. Generations after that they always had that sin carried on just like the myth of Sisyphus. What happened in the myth of Sisyphus was that Sisyphus had defied the God in order to cheat death. When he had cheated the Gods it was like when Adam and Even cheated God and ate the fruit of knowledge. Till now, they passed their sins to their next generations and tried to clear their sins but was never actually forgiven and carried on just like what happened to Sisyphus. He had to pay for what he have done rolling a rock up the hill and down meaningless forever.


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