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Summary of the Abduction of Persephone

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Persephone is a beautiful girl that was born between Zeus and Demeter. Every step she took on earth, flowers would bloom and animals would follow her behind. One day when Persephone was spending her time on earth, she was caught by the eye of Hades. Hades who was getting lonely decided to take her as his wife so he opened the ground into two and snatched Persephone from Earth. Day turned into night; Demeter was worried about Persephone seeing that she hadn’t returned. When days passed Demeter started looking for her, but when she couldn’t find her daughter, she went asking to all the Gods. When none of them had seen Persephone, Demeter who was distressed had stopped doing her work. Plants had died and crops were withered. Demeter searching for her last hope had asked Hecate and he had said he’d seen Persephone get kidnapped by Hades. Demeter, who had found this out, went to Zeus and told him that Hades had got her daughter. She had told Zeus she wouldn’t do her job until she could get her daughter back. When Persephone had heard this grateful news, she had eaten 6 pomegranate seeds from the underground world leading her not to come back to earth; But when all the crops had died and flowers had withered, Zeus had a deal with Hades and told him that Persephone could stay with him for half a year and with Demeter for half a year.


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