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1. Why do you want to study here?

I’d like to study here because I am interested at designing and even though I can’t draw well I believe I have good ideas and want to find a way to bring those ideas out.

2. Extracurricular activities

I help in a community service club called The Green Share and am one of the coordinators there. In this club we learn about responsibility and how to share our love to others.

3. What is your Hobby?

My hobby is to listen to music. I usually listen to all kinds of music but like ballads the best. They help me feel peaceful and calm me down.

4. Why this faculty?

I’d like to join the faculty of art and design this is because I am interested in designing something of my own and letting my ideas out on my own design. Also, if there is a possibility of joining other faculties I’d join the business and hotel management.

5. Strength and Weaknesses

I believe that my strength can be that I try to seek for perfection in things I am most interested in. On the other hand my weakness is that I tend to slack off when I start losing interest in anything.

6. Greatest Achievement

I think that my greatest achievement is learning to be independent. This is because both my parents have been working since I was young so I’ve learn to grow up more independently without leaning onto my parents.

7. Why should we accept you?

I think I should be accepted into this university because when I set myself onto something I know I can do well. Especially when it comes to something I’m interested in I tend to concentrate more and put much more effort onto it.

8. Future plans

My first choice is to probably become a designer of some sort; probably a hair designer because right now it is what I am most interested in.

9. Describe a difficult situation and how you’d deal about it

Most of the times of being independent is a difficult situation for me. When I live alone in a house with no parents I feel lonely sometimes and also tired of being alone; but I’d deal all this through trying to make a new hobby so that I can concentrate on something else rather than feeling blue of being alone.

10. Who are you?

I am a girl who has endless but useless needs. Also, I am someone who tries to find out what really can be me. I always try to discover a new self of me that I don’t know of.


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