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The Hunger Games : Departure

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The story of The Hunger Games very much follows the steps of the monomyth. The main character Katniss, goes throughout the story step by step following the first main part of the monomyth which is the departure. The departure includes: the call to adventure, refusal of the call, supernatural aid, crossing of the first threshold and lastly, the belly of the whale.

The call to adventure is when Katniss volunteers to go as a tribute instead of her sister. Each year there is a reaping in each district. On the 74th anniversary of the hunger games, Katniss’ younger sister Primrose gets chosen to be the girl tribute. In order to save Primrose and stop her from going to the Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers.

Before the reaping when Katniss is with Gale, Gale offers her to run away with him to the woods with the ones they love. Here, Katniss refuses to run away with him because she knows that her family won’t be able to keep up in the woods.

The supernatural aid that Katniss has is the ability to hunt and gather. This was a skill that she developed when she had to nuture her family after her dad died; because of her ability to hunt and gather, she had survived the hunger games not starving and also at the same time protecting herself. Another Super natural aid that Katniss has is Haymitch, her mentor. He helps her survive throughout the games getting sponsors for her.

The crossing of the first threshold for Katniss is when she enters the train to leave for the capital. Once she enters the train that goes to the capital there is no way that she can escape it and go back to district 12 living her normal life like she used to.

The initial belly of the whale could be when Katniss volunteers for her sister to become the tribute, but the main belly of the whale can be when she finally enters the Hunger Games and the game is about the begin. Here there are signs of her being in a dangerous situation because her communication with the world has been cut out.

To sum up, the book hunger games follows the first main step of the monomyth which is called the departure. Katniss who is the main character of the story goes through all the steps in monomyth making the story more interesting and fun.


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