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500+ words essay: Student visa and the story behind it

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Ever since I was young my parents never actually taught me how to do anything. They were always busy with work and I only got to see their faces like once a week. Nevertheless I had to understand them because all the hard work they do was for me. Every time I learnt something new it would be because of the mistakes that I made trying to complete a task that my parents gave me. It was always like that; they would come tell me what to do and walk away leaving me questioning what to do to myself. I couldn’t ever complain because I didn’t want to give them a hard time. Each time my parents came and left me with a task to do I would be confused and scared at first because I was always scared of doing something new and was scared that I would make a mistake even without trying it.

The hardest task for me was when I had to apply for a student visa. How I knew I had to make a student visa was through a single phone call from mom saying that I had to make a student visa. When she hung up the phone I was immediately panicking not knowing where to start first. So I just went to the immigration bureau with my passport and asked for a student visa. At a young age alone at the immigration bureau I waited for almost more an hour in a half. When my number was called and I went in the immigration officer had told me that I had to bring papers from school and fill in the form stating that I would like to apply for a student visa. At a young mind being alone in the immigration bureau scared me enough but after finding out that I didn’t have the materials to apply for student visa had upset me. I tried to keep myself together and went to catch a taxi to go home with. On the way home I realized that my passport wasn’t with me. I immediately turned the taxi around to go back to the immigration bureau. Luckily the officer had found my passport and kept it with him. That was the first step to me applying for student visa.

The next day I reported the office at school saying that I needed the papers for me applying for student visa. After I got my papers I went back to the immigration bureau thinking that I had everything I needed forgetting about the photos I had to take. After waiting the long queue and going back to the immigration officer I realized that I didn’t have a photo to stick on the papers with. I had to go to a photo booth outside and wait again. By the time it was my turn the time was too late and the immigration bureau had already closed. By then I already had lost all my patience and complained to my parents saying things such as: “Why am I supposed to do this all by myself?” “Are you so busy that you can’t even come help your own daughter apply for student visa?”

In the end I still had to go back to apply for the visa. Of course this time I brought everything with me and got the student visa stamped into my passport; but after that day the immigration bureau was never really a happy place to go to. I would have after effects such as being sick the next day or getting a really big headache because of the stress of going to the immigration bureau would give me.

Now that I think back at what happened, it is true that my parents were really busy but I also feel that they wanted me to learn how to be independent and learn how to do things on my own. Although the way of learning through mistakes would be slow, I believe that my parents have known that it was the surest way that I would not make the same mistakes and learn how to do everything with my own strength.















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