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500 words essay: student visa and the story behind it

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It started out by a single phone call from mom saying that I had to go do my student visa. When she hung up I started to panic because I was home alone and had to go to the immigration bureau and apply for student visa for the first time by myself. Not knowing how any of the things worked, I went straight to the immigration bureau with just my passport. In the taxi on the way to the immigration bureau I felt so tense that my hands that were holding the passport started sweating. When I finally reached and got the number ticket, I waited for almost more than half an hour. Those times when I waited felt like days and the tension in me started to come back only making me hold on to my passport stronger. Finally when it was my turn, I stood up at went to the officer. The officer’s face started to twitch a little and then he said that I had to bring documents from school and fill in the form stating that I’d like to apply for student visa. At a young mind being alone in the immigration bureau freaked me out enough but after hearing that I didn’t have the materials to apply for the visa had upset me. I kept myself together to go catch a taxi to go home with. On the way home I realized that my passport wasn’t with me. I felt shivers going down the back of my spine and quickly turned to taxi around to go back. I feared that someone could’ve taken my passport but luckily the officer had found my passport and kept it with him. This was only the start of me applying for student visa.

The next day I reported the office at school saying that I needed the documents for me applying for student visa. After I got my papers, I went back to the immigration bureau thinking that I had everything I needed, not knowing about the photos I had to take. Seconds, minutes, hours passed and it was finally my turn. The immigration declined me again because I didn’t have a photo of my face. I had to go to a nearby photo studio to take a photo but when I reached there I could immediately see that I wouldn’t be able to go back to the immigration bureau. People were everywhere and I could see that they haven’t got there photo token. I was so annoyed that I lost my patience. In the end I had to go back the next day and finally got my visa.

Thinking back at what happened, I can see how my parents were really busy but also wanted me to learn how to be independent and learn how to do things on my own. Although the way of learning through mistakes would be slow, it was the surest way that I would not make the same mistakes and learn through it.



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