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Experience important to intellectual development

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The first language that I could speak write and read was English. Even though I was from a Korean family and we spoke in Korean at home, I’ve been going to an international kindergarten where they taught everything in English. Eventually when I was five, my English was better than Korean and when I spoke with my parents; I would speak Korean with a lot of English words in it. My father knew that is this went on and I grew up like this it wouldn’t help me at all. So he told my nanny to start teaching me Korean because he was too busy with his job, but when my nanny tried to teach me the basic alphabets of Korean, I would whine and try not to study. When my dad found out, he took time off work and tried to teach me the basics of Korea. I was so scared of him back then because I never actually saw him as a kind and a giving type of person. With my dad teaching me, I was forced to learn Korean. I tried crying and whining but what would come back was a hit on the hand by a ruler. Eventually I stopped complaining and started learning how to read and write in Korean.. After I learnt how to read and write the basics, I was sent to a Korean school every Saturday. There I got textbooks and learnt what kids in Korea had learnt. To me, when I first learnt Korean, it was hard for me because I learnt how to speak, read and write in English first.

When I finished learning Korean, I thought it would be the end, but a few years later my mom brought up with the topic that I should learn Thai. I tried to argue saying I could speak Thai but embarrassingly as a person who was born in Thailand, my Thai was poor. For starters, I couldn’t even read or write Thai and I had already living in Thailand for thirteen years. So in the summer holidays, instead of getting a holiday, I went to Thai class every weekday and had four hours of learning Thai. As a result, I could read write and speak Thai. The steps to learning it were hard wince there were so many things to remember. Now that I look back, my dad knew exactly what I needed in the future. He made a way for me to learn 3 languages which are now really helpful for me.


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