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If you see me talking with my best friends or walking with them, you will see me as the playful happy kind of girl. When I am approached while I’m with my friends, I will be waving hello and making contact easily; but this becomes very different, actually the total opposite when I am alone. When I am alone, or in a place with someone I don’t know, I tend to be quite. People who are close to me might think that it cannot be true, but for people who aren’t close to me can be surprised when they hear that I am an energetic, friendly and loud.

I’m not the type of person who approaches others first. I become very timid and quiet when meeting new people. I try to change myself and approach others first because when I’m not close to a person it can be very hard for me to just talk to. It takes time for me to make a friend not only because I am shy but also believe that friends just can’t jump into your life so suddenly, because if so, they will leave like that just the same.

I like it when others approach me first so that I don’t have to make the first move. I may look as if I don’t care on the outside, but inside I care and worry about the littlest things. It’snot like I don’t try to approach others but it just takes a lot of time especially when I worry and thinik too much of what might happen next.

The closer we get the more you will get to see the real side of me. MY friends say that I can be dorky at times but I’m not sure about that. The closer we get I will be less timid but more energetic and friendly; but how we become close will be the hardest part.


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