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The relationship between me and other people is what matters to me the most. It doesn’t matter if its love, friends or family but what matters is how it should be maintained. Relationships are not just about being happy staying with that someone but caring, and worrying about that person. For friends, I think that having one friend who knows you best is better than having many friends that will walk away when you need help. I’m not saying that it is bad to have a lot of friends though; it’s just that because friends are people who will be there to support you when you’re down you need to be careful of what type of friends you make. As for family, trust is the key to the relationship for me because I’ve been living separate from my parents for a long time and the reason why they can let me live myself is because my parents trust in me and I show them back that they can trust me.

The relationship between me and other people matters to me because through the relationships there can be both positive and negative effects. Both sides in the relationship have to make an effort in order to make the relationship work. This effort goes for every relationship, because if only one person makes an effort, eventually when that person gets tired and walks away, that relationship will be broken. I don’t always think that relationships have to be made by people from the same race or ethnicity but with people who care for you the most and understand you the most.


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