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Kids nowadays starting from middle school or even younger all have a technical device which mostly includes brands from Apple, Samsung, and Blackberry. Every time I see them using or even holding an Iphone, Ipad or any of the sort I am amazed to see how the world has changed so quickly in the past years. I remember that when I was in their age I didn’t really learn how to use technical devices and started learning how to use the computer from school.

When I was in grade 5 I remember having my first phone. The first phone I’ve got was a pink color phone that was a size of a stapler. At that age it never occurred to me that having a phone would be an important thing because at that time phones were just for calling and texting to me. As I grew up I realized even in the phone market there were trends meaning there were times where everyone used a Blackberry and is always changing. When I first got my Blackberry that’s when I realized the phone wasn’t just for calling but for chatting with friends and social networking. With the Blackberry friends could connect so easily just by using the blackberry messenger and in there we could chat, share photos and even have a group chat. Although the trend of having a Blackberry didn’t last for more than two years and that was because the Blackberry itself had a limit and new devices were coming out.

The next phone that everyone used were smart phones which mainly is the Iphone. The Iphone had a better feedback from people and my friends started using it. Although now I am using another smartphone it is easier than using the Blackberry because any smart phone can now easily connect with other smart phones. The phone that many people are using these days aren’t just phones for calling and texting other people but also a part of entertainment and social interacting.


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