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Living Alone

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Both my parents have been working as a tour guide for as long as I can remember. Working as a tour guide meant not being able to spend much time with me. So my parents got a nanny for me right after i was born. Mom stayed home for a while to rest and take care of me but it didn’t last for too long. When i turned into the time where i didn’t need breastfeeding mom started to go back to work again. Eventually to me, my nanny was the guardian and also like my parents to me. Eventually having the nanny was part of my life till she had to go back to her home town. I never knew I was so fond of her right until she left. After her, i had 2 more nannies i was fond of too but eventually after i knew that someday everyone’s going to leave, i decided to do be closer to them anymore. Then one day, after i moved to a new house i found out that my dad had to leave Thailand to work in Cambodia. Soon, i realized that my mom was going to move to Cambodia too and i was left alone with a maid that came twice a week.

Living alone wasn’t as much as i thought it would be. I thought i wouldn’t be able to adapt living alone because i would feel lonely but it was quite the opposite. Through living at a home alone i’ve learnt how to cook, wash my clothes, clean the house and to be responsible. The hardest part for me when i was living alone was the responsible part. The money became a problem to me. No one ever reminded me of paying the electricity bills and the water bills until i was given a first warning. Usually when someone forgets to pay the electricity bills their house’s electricity gets cut off; but luckily for me i was living in an apartment so i had my first and my last warning. I hurried to seven eleven trying to pay off for my bills but it was too late and i had to go to the MEA to pay for my bills. Eventually, as months passed i had the habit of looking into the mailbox not being late to pay anymore.

My parents would come every three or four month or so to check up on me but stayed for less than a week. During the time my parents come are like the times that pass most quickly. Every tangled knots get sorted out, and mainly the money problem. When i’m alone everything i spend is very limited because my parents only give me the money to pay for the living. So when my parents come I buy as much as things i can that can go for a long time. Like for food, i’d buy canned products or cereal and I’d use the money for other things i needed or wanted during the time i’ve lived alone. When my parents go, everything goes back to the old life of living alone and me worrying about forgetting to pay electric bills or living expenses.

Although some people might worry living alone might be dangerous, there are some benefits to it too. It shows signs that parents trust you and believe that even when they are not there i would be doing my job as their daughter and a student. Also sometimes living alone can give a more sense of freedom that any child would want. Even though i would never actually suggest anyone to live alone, i think it can be a good before experience that i can go through in my childhood to prepare for the future.


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  1. I hope your life more wonderful’s a Very good, very useful to me, Thank you very much post.


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