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TV’s Threat Gets Bigger on the Web

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  1. The writer thinks most newspapers feel threatened by the networks’ websites because websites as such can be easily promoted to many as in millions of people at a lower cost.
  2. Some of the details in the article that support the idea of the Internet not significantly changing The Washington Post includes things such as the presence of the Internet not changing the speed of posting some big events. Even though the reporters have a much earlier deadline.
  3. Some of Feaver’s points about the Channel 4 such as it being the competition support the previous paragraphs because it shows that Channel 4 too, didn’t get much significant changes because of the Internet.
  4. Brown is trying to say that people don’t wait for morning newspapers anymore. To see what they want they go straight online to see stocks, results of baseball teams or even and interesting events.
  5. The television acts as if the Web is an infinite space. They think that how much they publish and how fast they publish matters most. Whereas the newspapers think the Web more of as another medium to deliver their context or message.
  6. Some of the details that supports the idea that some newspapers are taking advantage of the Internet’s capabilities are when the online news papers feature sound clips or video files that augment important stories.
  7. The Big three networks approaches to the Web are similar because they all have their eye on local classified-ad revenues and try to attract local TV affiliates to be in partnerships with the Web. They also have employees who separates internet news and rewrite the scripts and news.
  8. contextualised journalism is different from newspaper journalism because it tries to tell stories and events in unique ways to make new connections within communities whereas regular newspaper journalism just tries to deliver the message they need.
  9. Local affiliates are a big advantage for TV network based Websites because it gives the Tv network based Websites big advantage over the national newspapers giving them bigger use of the internet
  10. I think that the writer has adequately supported his idea that Tv affiliated Websites will outdo their newspaper affiliated competitors because throughout the article he had given examples of what the Tv affiliated Websites are trying to do in order to gain more audiences and use the Web more efficiently.

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