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Outline of Media influence

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Thesis- These days media can be one of the most powerful and the influential thing to people ever. Throughout the years media has been gaining more and more popularity but at the same time I believe that the media is also giving negative influences to people. This I because firstly, all the audience can easily access inappropriate information. Secondly, it can encourage people to think that they are never good enough and lastly, the media might not be doing it’s job being a medium but more giving it’s opinion.


Body 1:

Media has been rapidly changed from the past till now most news sources have been going from an offline to an online source.

(Textbook article)


Body 2

The after effects of media becoming one of the biggest and the easiest way to access to sources leads for people to lean onto it and browse through websites a lot of the times.

(newspaper article)


Body 3:

Firstly, the inappropriate information might includes things such as watching things that are over your age such as violent movies or porn.


Body 4:

Secondly, it can encourage people to think they are never good enough for the society leading to disorders of any sort.


Body 5:

Lastly, it might not do a good job becoming a medium because the information it has can be controlled or opinionated by people who are in power.



Therefore, I believe that although the media is becoming one of the most influential things to people in their everyday life it can also become a threat and give negative influences to them.


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