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University Interview Q&A

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1.Influential person/ admire

An influential person or a person I admire is Monk Haenim. Not many people might know who he is but he is a Korean famous monk who had graduated from Harvard; but that’s not the reason why I admire him. Although I have found out about him very recently, I realized that he was not just an ordinary monk but also someone who can let me go of my dilemmas for a while when reading his books and writings. That’s why I admire him. Like him I wish I could become a person who everyone can be comfortable with and be free with their dilemmas while spending their time with me.

2.Challenge that you’ve overcome

A challenge that I’ve overcome can be taking art class. Unlike most girls I can’t draw as well. My drawing skills have been the same since I was in first grade; probably it was better back then. Well even if I knew I just didn’t know how to draw I tried hard at that time when I took the art class ending up with a B if what I remember is correct.

3.Tell us something about yourself

So, if I were to say something about myself I would say I’m more a timid kind of person. I never actually liked this part of myself because I can’t open up or be as socialable like others unless I am really close to them because of my timid personality. Although being timid can be a disadvantage it is also good in someway because it stimulates me into try become a better me.

4.Why this school?

Well if I were to become a psychologist or a counselor I believe that this school has the best foundations for the major that I am looking for. The research programs that have been done had appealed to me and made me think that I could flourish my dreams with such environment as this.

5.What is your future plan?

My future plan well, is to get into this university and learn about what I am interested in. When I graduate from this university, with the knowledge that I’ve learnt I would like to open or get a job that might be close to counseling or to the therapy side of psychology so that I could help the people in need or in search of finding their true selves.


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