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University Interview Q&A

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1.Influential person/ admire

An influential person or a person I admire is Monk Haenim. Not many people might know who he is but he is a Korean famous monk who had graduated from Harvard; but that’s not the reason why I admire him. Although I have found out about him very recently, I realized that he was not just an ordinary monk but also someone who can let me go of my dilemmas for a while when reading his books and writings. That’s why I admire him. Like him I wish I could become a person who everyone can be comfortable with and be free with their dilemmas while spending their time with me.

2.Challenge that you’ve overcome

A challenge that I’ve overcome can be taking art class. Unlike most girls I can’t draw as well. My drawing skills have been the same since I was in first grade; probably it was better back then. Well even if I knew I just didn’t know how to draw I tried hard at that time when I took the art class ending up with a B if what I remember is correct.

3.Tell us something about yourself

So, if I were to say something about myself I would say I’m more a timid kind of person. I never actually liked this part of myself because I can’t open up or be as socialable like others unless I am really close to them because of my timid personality. Although being timid can be a disadvantage it is also good in someway because it stimulates me into try become a better me.

4.Why this school?

Well if I were to become a psychologist or a counselor I believe that this school has the best foundations for the major that I am looking for. The research programs that have been done had appealed to me and made me think that I could flourish my dreams with such environment as this.

5.What is your future plan?

My future plan well, is to get into this university and learn about what I am interested in. When I graduate from this university, with the knowledge that I’ve learnt I would like to open or get a job that might be close to counseling or to the therapy side of psychology so that I could help the people in need or in search of finding their true selves.


Outline of Media influence

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Thesis- These days media can be one of the most powerful and the influential thing to people ever. Throughout the years media has been gaining more and more popularity but at the same time I believe that the media is also giving negative influences to people. This I because firstly, all the audience can easily access inappropriate information. Secondly, it can encourage people to think that they are never good enough and lastly, the media might not be doing it’s job being a medium but more giving it’s opinion.


Body 1:

Media has been rapidly changed from the past till now most news sources have been going from an offline to an online source.

(Textbook article)


Body 2

The after effects of media becoming one of the biggest and the easiest way to access to sources leads for people to lean onto it and browse through websites a lot of the times.

(newspaper article)


Body 3:

Firstly, the inappropriate information might includes things such as watching things that are over your age such as violent movies or porn.


Body 4:

Secondly, it can encourage people to think they are never good enough for the society leading to disorders of any sort.


Body 5:

Lastly, it might not do a good job becoming a medium because the information it has can be controlled or opinionated by people who are in power.



Therefore, I believe that although the media is becoming one of the most influential things to people in their everyday life it can also become a threat and give negative influences to them.

Compare Contrast essay on the articles “TV’s threats get bigger on the web” and “Online media is replacing newspapers and TV. Is that a bad thing?”

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The articles “TV’s threats get bigger on the web” and “Online media is replacing newspapers and TV. Is that a bad thing?” are two short articles that are based on media and how it will and can change. These two articles can have both similarities and differences. First of all the two articles were written at different time periods. Secondly the two articles both talk about the media and lastly the two both gives opinions on what might happen to us and our usage of the media in the future.

Firstly, the article “TV’s threats get bigger on the Web” and “Online media is replacing newspapers and TV. Is that a bad thing?” are written at different time periods. The article TV’s threats get bigger on the Web was written on the year 1998, where technology and media wasn’t actually the biggest influence. So most of what was wrote in that article was what happened in the past and their inferences of what might happen in the future. Sentences such as “With the debut of, the network became the last of the Big Three television broad- casters to commit itself both commer- cially and journalistically to the World Wide Web. ABC and NBC had both been there for months, while cable news giant CNN was online before most people ever even heard the phrase “Web browser.” (pg.97) Shows evidence that the article was written back in the days because words such as “world wide web” and “web browser” is not used anymore.

Secondly, the two articles focuses on the media and how it influences the society. Although they both talk about the media the two articles have different focuses on the media that they are talking about. The first article talks about how the increasing of people using the Internet has influenced the media to cope with going from offline to an online source. So it talks about things such as newspapers going online and how it can affect them. Whereas the second article talks about on if the online media is giving a positive or negative influence. So it gives examples of how much people actually use the Internet to get information and how it affects the people’s daily lives.

Lastly, the two articles give opinions on what the internet can do to us and what might happen to the media in the future. In the first article it says “Feaver concedes that there are new opportunities for newspapers with video and audio, just as there are enhanced textual capabilities for broad- casters.” This shows inferences of what can happen in the future to the news papers which shows how the internet can change the newspapers which went from offline to online. Whereas in the second article it says “”No. This is still all new to us, and we’re in a manic phase right now,” says Tippett. “We’re in the ‘I want it all, I want it now’ phase. But eventually we’ll come out of it. It’ll settle down.” It says that soon we will settle down away from the internet and be back to the old self.

In conclusion, the two articles “TV’s threats get bigger on the web” and “Online media is replacing newspapers and TV. Is that a bad thing?” both talks about media. The differences and similarities can be caused because one article is older than the other which leads both articles to have the same topic but have different focuses on the topic.

TV’s Threat Gets Bigger on the Web

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  1. The writer thinks most newspapers feel threatened by the networks’ websites because websites as such can be easily promoted to many as in millions of people at a lower cost.
  2. Some of the details in the article that support the idea of the Internet not significantly changing The Washington Post includes things such as the presence of the Internet not changing the speed of posting some big events. Even though the reporters have a much earlier deadline.
  3. Some of Feaver’s points about the Channel 4 such as it being the competition support the previous paragraphs because it shows that Channel 4 too, didn’t get much significant changes because of the Internet.
  4. Brown is trying to say that people don’t wait for morning newspapers anymore. To see what they want they go straight online to see stocks, results of baseball teams or even and interesting events.
  5. The television acts as if the Web is an infinite space. They think that how much they publish and how fast they publish matters most. Whereas the newspapers think the Web more of as another medium to deliver their context or message.
  6. Some of the details that supports the idea that some newspapers are taking advantage of the Internet’s capabilities are when the online news papers feature sound clips or video files that augment important stories.
  7. The Big three networks approaches to the Web are similar because they all have their eye on local classified-ad revenues and try to attract local TV affiliates to be in partnerships with the Web. They also have employees who separates internet news and rewrite the scripts and news.
  8. contextualised journalism is different from newspaper journalism because it tries to tell stories and events in unique ways to make new connections within communities whereas regular newspaper journalism just tries to deliver the message they need.
  9. Local affiliates are a big advantage for TV network based Websites because it gives the Tv network based Websites big advantage over the national newspapers giving them bigger use of the internet
  10. I think that the writer has adequately supported his idea that Tv affiliated Websites will outdo their newspaper affiliated competitors because throughout the article he had given examples of what the Tv affiliated Websites are trying to do in order to gain more audiences and use the Web more efficiently.

Living Alone

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Both my parents have been working as a tour guide for as long as I can remember. Working as a tour guide meant not being able to spend much time with me. So my parents got a nanny for me right after i was born. Mom stayed home for a while to rest and take care of me but it didn’t last for too long. When i turned into the time where i didn’t need breastfeeding mom started to go back to work again. Eventually to me, my nanny was the guardian and also like my parents to me. Eventually having the nanny was part of my life till she had to go back to her home town. I never knew I was so fond of her right until she left. After her, i had 2 more nannies i was fond of too but eventually after i knew that someday everyone’s going to leave, i decided to do be closer to them anymore. Then one day, after i moved to a new house i found out that my dad had to leave Thailand to work in Cambodia. Soon, i realized that my mom was going to move to Cambodia too and i was left alone with a maid that came twice a week.

Living alone wasn’t as much as i thought it would be. I thought i wouldn’t be able to adapt living alone because i would feel lonely but it was quite the opposite. Through living at a home alone i’ve learnt how to cook, wash my clothes, clean the house and to be responsible. The hardest part for me when i was living alone was the responsible part. The money became a problem to me. No one ever reminded me of paying the electricity bills and the water bills until i was given a first warning. Usually when someone forgets to pay the electricity bills their house’s electricity gets cut off; but luckily for me i was living in an apartment so i had my first and my last warning. I hurried to seven eleven trying to pay off for my bills but it was too late and i had to go to the MEA to pay for my bills. Eventually, as months passed i had the habit of looking into the mailbox not being late to pay anymore.

My parents would come every three or four month or so to check up on me but stayed for less than a week. During the time my parents come are like the times that pass most quickly. Every tangled knots get sorted out, and mainly the money problem. When i’m alone everything i spend is very limited because my parents only give me the money to pay for the living. So when my parents come I buy as much as things i can that can go for a long time. Like for food, i’d buy canned products or cereal and I’d use the money for other things i needed or wanted during the time i’ve lived alone. When my parents go, everything goes back to the old life of living alone and me worrying about forgetting to pay electric bills or living expenses.

Although some people might worry living alone might be dangerous, there are some benefits to it too. It shows signs that parents trust you and believe that even when they are not there i would be doing my job as their daughter and a student. Also sometimes living alone can give a more sense of freedom that any child would want. Even though i would never actually suggest anyone to live alone, i think it can be a good before experience that i can go through in my childhood to prepare for the future.

Evolving Phones

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Kids nowadays starting from middle school or even younger all have a technical device which mostly includes brands from Apple, Samsung, and Blackberry. Every time I see them using or even holding an Iphone, Ipad or any of the sort I am amazed to see how the world has changed so quickly in the past years. I remember that when I was in their age I didn’t really learn how to use technical devices and started learning how to use the computer from school.

When I was in grade 5 I remember having my first phone. The first phone I’ve got was a pink color phone that was a size of a stapler. At that age it never occurred to me that having a phone would be an important thing because at that time phones were just for calling and texting to me. As I grew up I realized even in the phone market there were trends meaning there were times where everyone used a Blackberry and is always changing. When I first got my Blackberry that’s when I realized the phone wasn’t just for calling but for chatting with friends and social networking. With the Blackberry friends could connect so easily just by using the blackberry messenger and in there we could chat, share photos and even have a group chat. Although the trend of having a Blackberry didn’t last for more than two years and that was because the Blackberry itself had a limit and new devices were coming out.

The next phone that everyone used were smart phones which mainly is the Iphone. The Iphone had a better feedback from people and my friends started using it. Although now I am using another smartphone it is easier than using the Blackberry because any smart phone can now easily connect with other smart phones. The phone that many people are using these days aren’t just phones for calling and texting other people but also a part of entertainment and social interacting.

The visa problem

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Ever since I was young my parents never actually taught me how to do anything. They were always busy with work and I only got to see their faces like once a week. Nevertheless I had to understand them because all the hard work they do was for me. Every time I learnt something new it would be because of the mistakes that I made trying to complete a task that my parents gave me. It was always like that; they would come tell me what to do and walk away leaving me questioning what to do. I couldn’t ever complain because I didn’t want to give them a hard time. Each time my parents came and left me with a task to do I would be confused and scared at first because I was always scared of doing something new and was scared that I would make a mistake even without trying it.

The hardest task for me was when I had to apply for a student visa. How I knew I had to make a student visa was through a single phone call from mom saying that I had to make a student visa. When she hung up the phone I was immediately panicking not knowing where to start first. So I just went to the immigration bureau with my passport and asked for a student visa. At a young age alone at the immigration bureau I waited for almost more an hour in a half. When my number was called and I went in, the immigration officer had told me that I had to bring papers from school and fill in the form stating that I would like to apply for a student visa. At a young mind being alone in the immigration bureau scared me enough but after finding out that I didn’t have the materials to apply for student visa had upset me. I tried to keep myself together and went to catch a taxi to go home with. On the way home I realized that my passport wasn’t with me. I immediately turned the taxi around to go back to the immigration bureau. Luckily the officer had found my passport and kept it with him. That was the first step to me applying for student visa.

The next day I reported the office at school saying that I needed the papers for me applying for student visa. After I got my papers I went back to the immigration bureau thinking that I had everything I needed forgetting about the photos I had to take. After waiting the long queue and going back to the immigration officer I realized that I didn’t have a photo to stick on the papers with. I had to go to a photo booth outside and wait again. By the time it was my turn the time was too late and the immigration bureau had already closed. By then I already had lost all my patience and complained to my parents saying things such as: “Why am I supposed to do this all by myself?” “Are you so busy that you can’t even come help your own daughter apply for student visa?”

In the end I still had to go back to apply for the visa. Of course this time I brought everything with me and got the student visa stamped into my passport; but after that day the immigration bureau was never really a happy place to go to. I would have after effects such as being sick the next day or getting a really big headache because of the stress of going to the immigration bureau would give me.

Now that I think back at what happened, it is true that my parents were really busy but I also feel that they wanted me to learn how to be independent and learn how to do things on my own. Although the way of learning through mistakes would be slow, I believe that my parents have known that it was the best way that I would not make the same mistakes and learn how to do everything with my own strength.