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2. A new story

Clock rings for 6:30) *RINGGGGGG!!!* There are rustling sounds on the bed and a teenage boy immediately wakes up reaching his hands towards his thick round glasses. He Rubs his eye as he goes to the bathroom to wash himself and getting ready for school. Fifteen minutes later he is wearing his uniform with his tie made up perfectly. “Nick, breakfast is ready” calls his mom. He walks in fast but steady, steps down the stairs. He then walks into the kitchen seeing his breakfast in front him. “Cereal again…?” says Nick and his mom answers with the same excuse she have been given since him and his family have moved into this town. “Nick, you know I’m busy with my work and have stayed late up till yesterday.” says his mom. Without complaining more he picks up his spoon and starts to eat his breakfast quietly. After his breakfast he then grabs his school bag to get ready for school. Right before going out of the house, he checks himself out in the mirror. His reflection was same and boring every day. He wears the same style of shirts everyday with a necktie on him. He wears long white socks that come right before his knees. He wears a big backpack made for a lot of books to go in and wears thick round glasses. He then bends down to pat his dog boogie. “See you later” says Nick to his mom as he goes out from his house and in return he gets a big *woof!* from his dog. He then walks towards the bus station since his house is a bit too far to walk to school. When the bus comes he runs towards the bus to catch it. As he peeks in the bus to see who is in there he sees that there are many students in there that go to the same school as him. He finds that everyone is in their own groups doing their own things and is having fun. So he then thinks he should wait for another bus to come but just before he does that the bus driver says “are you going to come in or not?! Why are you thinking so much?” Nick quickly climbed into the bus and walked towards the corner of the bus where he could start reading his book. He was so concentrated into his book that when he had realized he was still in the bus everyone was walking out of the bus. He then quickly ran to the queue to go down the bus. It was a nice sunny day where most of the students were in cliques and groups walking in towards the school. 

Nick was alone unlike the other students but it didn’t bother him much. Ever since he had moved into this town, he had no friends but just boogie his dog. He was just another teenage boy that was tall and skinny. He quickly went into his class so that he wouldn’t be late. As he opened the backdoor of the classroom to go find his seat in the corner he sees that someone has already taken his seat and is sleeping. From what he saw she was a girl with dark long hair that reached to her shoulders. He couldn’t quite see how the girl looked like but when he was looking at her he felt his surroundings quiet the and could here the sound of the girl sleeping. He then quickly snapped out from what he was taking and quietly slipped into the seat next to where the girl was sleeping. When the teacher checked for attendance and called everyone’s name out he was waiting until her name had been called. “Krystal” said the teacher and that girl without lifting her head had raised her hand on her name. Nick not knowing how he never noticed this girl had kept repeating her name in his head “Krystal, Krystal….”. Throughout the whole class even when his view wasn’t fixed on her he couldn’t concentrate on what he was supposed to do. The morning lectures had never passed by this quickly to him. When the bell almost ringed for recess Krystal had awoken from her sleep rubbing her eyes. Eager to see how she looked like Joseph had made up his mind to have a quick glance at her. He was nervous even just to see how she looked like. “1…2…3″ Joseph counted in his mind and took a short glance at her. In that short moment time stopped around him he could feel his heart skip a beat. When Krystal stood up he saw her small white face with big eyes and long lashes. She was tall for a girl and had this charm that captured his breath. For a while Nick couldn’t stop but staring at her. She was what he imagined how his dream girl would be like. Coming back to his senses he was surprised how not only he was staring at her. Most of the boys in his class were staring at her. Krystal, who didn’t look like she cared, had a quick stretch as she stood up and walked towards the door to go out and get some fresh air. She didn’t give anyone a look, as if there was no one who she had expected in the class. As soon as she went out a bunch of boys followed her out the door.

 Then reality hit on Nick. He was just another boy who looked nerdy. He remembered how he wore thick round glasses and socks that come up to his knee. He suddenly felt shame on himself and felt his face redden. He then quickly waited for the day to end. Krystal never came back into the class but maybe it was better for him. “Stop dreaming…” he muttered to himself. The hours in school felt like days and time felt as it was slowed down. When there was finally about 5mins left of school Nick slowly began to pack up his things and quickly but quietly left as the bell rang telling everyone that the school ended. He quickly ran down the stairs to the locker where he stuffed all his books in getting ready to go home. He runs to the bus station and quickly goes into the bus. In the bus he has many things going over his head. Since when did he become like this? He moved into this town 2 years ago and since then he had no friend except his dog Boogie. When he lived in his old town he was the popular one, he was energetic and like to play sports. As soon as he was about to fall into his deep thinking the bus stopped with a beep signing it was the stop to his house. He then quickly went into his house. He opened the door and quickly went into his room searching for his old yearbook. There, there was a picture of a young fifteen year old boy who was smiling wide with a bunch of his friends.
2 years ago
 Nick flipping the pages of his yearbook has a flash back till 2 years ago when everything happened. He was a popular guy between his friends and in class he was the person who everyone wanted to be his friend. Not to forget how he looked too; he was good at everything. When he played sports the girls, not only in his class but even the juniors and the seniors would look at him. He was the “guy” not only was he social-able but also was in the honors program he was perfect not until one day he came back from school and saw his parents yelling at each other. He not knowing what was coming just happily went into his house. That night before dinner the yelling of his parents became louder. He then heard his mom screaming to his dad saying “So you sure you didn’t sleep with your assistant worker?” the next thing he heard was the sound of glasses being thrown onto the floor. Nick sensed something bad and quickly went downstairs to where his mom and dad were and tried to calm them down. His dad then told him “get the hell out of here and stop trying to interfere!!!” Nick wasn’t so sure what was going to happen to his parents but had obeyed what his dad said first. He went upstairs into the room hurt from what his dad said. He got his headphones out from his bag and listen to his music as loud as he could until the sound of his parents arguing was gone out of his head and laid down on his bed with the lights closed. It was a long night for him, he couldn’t sleep well and as soon as he thought he was about to fall asleep his mom was in his room telling him to wake up.

 He was unaware what had happened but from what he saw his mom’s face had turned green and was muttering at him “we need to leave this place…” Nick tried to ask his mom what had happened but all his mom said back was “just quickly pack the things you really need and we’re leaving this place” Nick, who sensed something was wrong quickly went into his closest and opened the biggest bad he had and started stuffing in his shirts and pants. When he was done he again tried to ask his mom in a more urgent but firm voice. “Mom, what happened?” his mom, trembling opened then closed her mouth she was trying to say something but was in a state of shock and couldn’t continue to speak anything. When his mom had done packing too she quickly said “now let’s get out of this place” her face was still frozen and she was shaking with fear. Nick quickly grabbed the bags that were packed and raced for the door to go out down the stairs. In the corner of his eye he saw someone lying down on the floor. As he turned to see who it was the first thing he saw was lots and lots of blood lying around on the floor. He had sensed something bad… he quickly checked to look who it was and froze.

It was his dad who was dead and it seemed like he was shot by a gun. His mother who was standing next to him was muttering “it wasn’t my fault… it really wasn’t my fault… I was just trying to protect myself…” Nick tried to imagine what happened while he was sleeping but just couldn’t accept the truth that his dad had died. He grabbed his mom’s shoulders with his trembling hands and said “you didn’t do it right…? Tell me you didn’t do it!” His voice got louder and louder. The more he asked, his mom quickly muttered to herself saying “I was protecting myself, I didn’t intend to kill him, there wasn’t supposed to be a bullet in that gun.” Nick tried to put things into sense. Before he was sleeping his dad was still there alive yelling at Nick to go back into his room and right after he woke up he sees his dad lying on the floor dead. There was a quiet but creepy silence in his house with the sound of his mom sobbing quietly. That’s where Nick had made up his mind; let’s leave this town mom and with that they had went to the airport and bought tickets to go somewhere far away from home.

 In the airport while waiting for the plane to arrive Nick was busy trying to calm his mom down. When the plane had finally arrived Nick helped his mom up and into the plane. There he told his mom to relax and she finally fell asleep. Nick unlike his mom couldn’t quite sleep. He couldn’t believe how his dad was gone, he tried to forget about it but he just couldn’t he could still see his dad’s dead body on the floor so clearly. When the plane had finally arrived into a new city in America he told his mom to wake up and when the plane had landed the first thing they did was to catch a cab and find a place to stay in for a while. His mom because she was in a big shock didn’t remember what had happened and had asked “Nick, where is your dad?” Nick couldn’t believe what he was hearing just awhile ago his mom was all pale faced muttering “I didn’t do it, it’s not my fault I killed him” and now she was asking where dad was. It was just ridiculous to him he took her first to a doctor and the doctor had told him that his mom has amnesia and she had only deleted scenes that she didn’t want to remember. From that day on Nick had started to change. The boy who was bright and happy had slowly been conquered by the sadness and gloominess. Not only did his personality change but also how he acted and what he wore had changed a lot. He didn’t want to feel like he stood up in his class so he had become a nerd. It’s not like he had a bad eye sight either but he had to put thick round eyeglasses and even wear neckties or bowties even to school. Whereas his mom unlike him had found a new job and was changing into a better person each day without the need of his help. “Nick? Are you in there?” called his mom that was probably in the kitchen, and he broke away from his flashback of what happened 2 years ago.
Change?                                                                                                                                                                                                                              He quickly closed the yearbook and went down the stairs to the kitchen and found his mom in there drinking water. “Why did you call me?” he said as his eyes had reached into the shopping bag that was laid on the floor. “Mom what’s this?” he said as he pointed on the bag. His mom just answered with a smile and said “I bought you new clothes honey”. Nick quickly opened the shopping bag to find that it was the kind of clothes he had wore before he moved to this town. “Mom I can’t…” he quickly said. As he said that to his mom Nick kind of hesitated. He was sure that the girl who he saw at school today would have at least took a glance at him if he was what he used to be; “look at yourself honey” said his mom as she moved him into front of the mirror. Look what you’ve become since we’ve moved to this town… you’ve changed a lot from what you’ve used to be and I think it’s time to come back to who you were. “I feel bad because it feels like my fault that you’ve changed so much, you don’t have to feel bad about making friends and hanging out. I’m all better now you see? Now it’s time for you to change back to who you were…” He liked how his mom cared for him but still he hesitated he forgot what it felt to be popular but at the other hand he was lonely, he wanted to make new friends and with changing his style of what he was wearing he knew it could be the first step towards doing that and also a step towards Krystal. “Go on, try it on” said his mom. He hesitated a little at first but then went up to his room and started to change.

 The first thing he did was to take out his glasses. Then he began changing into the clothes his mom had bought for him. When he was done changing he felt awkward wearing these kinds of clothes again; But when he looked at himself in the mirror it was totally a different person from what he had been seeing these past two years. His big dark brown eyes were shown and his sharp face wasn’t covered by the thick circular eyeglasses anymore and he had worn something that made him look like the old him. He was satisfied with how he had looked and quickly went down to show his mom. “That’s my boy” said his mom as she smiled wider. Nick who was happy with how he looked decided that he should throw away the clothes he have worn the past 2 years and live a new life. He put them all into one bag and threw them away. That night Nick couldn’t wait for it to turn into the next school day. Even though he didn’t have friends just the change of clothes made him into a more confident person. Excited to think what would happen the next day he leapt onto his bed and slowly fell asleep.
Even before the alarm had rung to wake Nick up he had woken he felt so fresh and happy. Just the change of clothes he felt as if he had become the new him and also had a little brighter face than usual. In his new bag, he put his i-pod, and his wallet and quickly went down the stairs. “Morning Nick, you seem happy today” said his mom. “Really do I look like that?” said Nick with a smile on his face. He opened the fridge and poured himself a cup of milk then started having his breakfast. After his breakfast he had a little time leftover so he went played with his dog a little and headed for school. It was his usual routine to walk to where the bus station was but every time he passed by a stranger he noticed that they had written in their face “where did he come from? I’ve never seen him around in this neighborhood.” In return, Nick just gave a small smile and continued his way to the bus station.                  Krystal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When Nick reached home he felt his whole body in pain. He knew he would have bruises on his body by tomorrow. His love for Krystal wasn’t pure anymore it was also mixed with feelings of wanting to conquer her and show everyone else what he was capable of. He opened his laptop and sent her a message and it said “look, I’ll just be straight about my feelings for you. I like you; do you want to go out with me?” Not knowing what would happen. Days and weeks past by and he didn’t get an answer from her. He was starting to get anxious. Right then he got a message back from her saying “I like you too.” It was something he never expected but he was excited. He quickly went online and started chatting with her. They talked a lot about themselves and quickly knew about each other very well. The day after that the news had spread around the school that Nick and Krystal were together.

Nick woke up in the morning with a big smile across his face and quickly got ready for school. Before going to school he went to Krystal’s house to pick her up and they went to school together. They were a special couple around the school since Krystal was the prettiest girl in school and Nick’s popularity was going up day by day. Even though Nick and Krystal was together and the students were happy for them, the six boys still gave him the look of jealousy and Nick could predict that something would happen very soon. Even though he knew something bad would happen he knew he couldn’t let Krystal go because she is who he loves the most and can’t live without anymore. They were having a good time together as months passed and they’ve reached their sixth month anniversary Krystal left. She left both him and the school without a reason Nick couldn’t believe what was happening. Just yesterday she had told him that she loved him and now she wants to break up without a reason. He couldn’t forget her face she didn’t have any emotions what so ever and turned back on him so coldly.

After the breakup, Nick’s popularity went up more but he was getting depressed day by day. He didn’t understand why they had to break up. At the thought of her he couldn’t eat or sleep and one day the news came up in the school. The teacher has said that one of the students have died and had cancer. Immediately Nick stood up because he realized that everyone except Krystal was in the class. He ran as fast as he could out of the class out of the school and to Krystal’s house. There he heard cries of people and everyone were wearing black dresses and shirts. He couldn’t believe it, his hands were trembling and his face had turned white. He went straight to Krystal’s mother asking “What happened to her?!” “What happened to her?!” she answered in a trembling voice saying “the doctor said she had only 6 months to live…”

There everything started to make sense. Why she suddenly dumped him and why she was gone. He couldn’t believe that she didn’t tell him anything because she looked fine every time she was with him. He couldn’t understand why but he knew he couldn’t just stay depressed like this. He had to be who he was. Even though he is now hurt he knows that he will have overcome this to become a better person like how he overcame his father’s death.


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