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Semester 2

  1. Describing a Friend
  2. Describing a Friend (edited version)
  3. Why do Bullies Bully?
  4. Why do Cyber Bullying Happen?
  5. How to Prevent from Bullying to Happen
  6. Hinduism: Sources of Hindu Tradition
  7. Hindusim: Sources of Hindu Tradition (Edited)
  8. Outline of Hinduism Research Paper
  9. Research paper: sources of Hinduism
  10. Relating the Myth of Sisyphus to Christianity
  11. Summary of the Abduction of Persephone
  12. My Belief
  13. Opinion on the Article “Food Products Making False Claims”
  14. Relating My Philosphy to the Abduction of Persephone
  15. Example of an Acroustic Poetry
  16. Example of a Iambic Terameter Poetry
  17. Outline: Compare and Contrasting 2 types of Poetries
  18. Comparing and Contrasting: Iambic Tetrameter and Acrostic Poem
  19. Statement of Purpose
  20. 10 questions
  21. The Hunger Games : Departure
  22. Does the book “The Hunger Games” Promote Violence?
  23. 500+ words : Student visa and the story behind it
  24. 500+ words : Living alone
  25. 500 words: student visa and the story behind it
  26. Analysis of Gale Hawthorne
  27. Experience Important to Intellectual Development
  28. Getting to know me better
  29. What matters to me

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