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What do you need to know about me to teach this class?

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What do I need to know about you to teach this class?

First of all, I am a student who’s been enrolling in Wells since kindergarten. English was kind of my first language and I speak it better than where I am actually from. Although I could speak English, Language Arts wasn’t always an easy class for me I never got an A my whole high school year except last year. Maybe it’s because I never actually tried. I am a type of student who gets motivated easily but only for a short period of time. When I do things I like I can probably do better just like last year. Last year the class was all about reading and I think I did well because reading is one of my hobbies. This year, I’m not sure if I can do as well as last year because to me, I never thought language was one of my specialties. Unlike my friends, I don’t go to other academies to study SAT or TOEFL because I’m probably going college that doesn’t need to take tests. Even though I don’t need to take those tests, I would like to challenge myself by learning new vocabulary and studying it myself. In this year, I’d like to learn something I’m weak at such as speaking. I’m not that shy in front of my classmates when I have to speak out but when I’m out of ideas while I’m speaking, my brain tends to turn blank and I start repeating what I said embarrassing myself. Not everyone in this class has the same strengths and weakness and it’s kind of too late to try learning what I am weak in because this is the last year. So maybe this year I’d like to learn tips of studying in college and challenge myself in studying language arts.


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  1. Thanks, Cindy. Reading is one of my hobbies too (although, that probably doesn’t surprise you).
    One thing to think about — is it really too late, and do you really only have one year to work on your weaknesses?

    • Reading being your hobby didnt suprise me much haha. One year can sound both long and short at the same time. Maybe if i try harder i can work on my weaknesses throughout the course this year. :))


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